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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Election results for Cortland County, regional town races

The following are the unofficial results of town elections. Two council seats are open in each town except Cuyler, which has three. Democrats did not contest seats in Cincinnatus, Homer, Lapeer, Marathon, Scott and Taylor.

Supervisor: Dale R. Bates (R) 146
Clerk: Joanne C. Perkins (R) 153
Collector: Kay Ann Tracey (R) 123
Highway Superintendent: Robert K. Livermore (R) 153
Justice: Mitchell Eccleston (R) 157
Councilman: Guy R. Rundell Sr. (R) 128; Jonathan A. McKee (R) 147

Supervisor: Richard C. Tupper (R), 1,076; Nick Renzi (D) 916
Justice: Francis Casullo (R) 1,260
Clerk: Karen Q. Snyder (R) 1,323
Highway Superintendent: Carl A. Bush Jr. (R) 1,305
Councilman: Chris Farkas (D) 857; George Ottenschot (D) 924 Route 281; Theodore V. Testa (R) 983; John C. Proud (R) 1033

Supervisor: LouAnne Randall (R) 235; Steve Breed (D) 145
Clerk/Collector: Wendy Custer (D, R) 339
Justice: Karl Burdick (D) 144; Dean Northup (R) 237
Councilman (3 seats): Gary VanDee (D) 93; Harry Hulbert (D) 140; Peter Titus (D) 120; Keith White (R) 247; Nancy Corbin (R) 225; Russell Smith (R) 251

Supervisor: Mary A. Sumner (D) 1,479;
Cheryl A. Nelson (R) 1,297
Councilman: David Makar (D) 1,517; Joseph D. Solomon (D) 1,410; Walter M. Keeney (R) 1,285; Stanley T. Marcus (R) 1,300,
Justice: Christopher E. Clauson (R) 1,607;
Jason Leifer (D) 1,316
Clerk: Bambi L. Hollenbeck (R) 1,788

Supervisor: Mary K. Mackey (R) 96
Clerk: Dora Cross (D,R) 103
Collector: Patti Zering (D,R), 136
Highway Superintendent: Steven E. Stanough Sr. (R) 97
Councilman: Shelby Underwood (D) 52; Rebecca Stewart (D) 41; Robin L. Slocum (R)79; Byron T. James (R) 88.

Councilman: Kathleen Howard (D) 377; Colleen Gloster-Gray (D) 267; Richard B. Gamel (R) 461; Sheldon C. Clark (R) 487
Justice: Arthur D. Dawson (R) 526

Supervisor: Ray Marsh (D,R) 148
Collector: Diane Michaud (D,R) 155
Highway Superintendent: Ronald Carpenter (D,R) 144
Justice: Sharon Canfield (D,R) 144
Councilman: Charles Rowland (D,R) 138;
Daryl Cross (D,R) 146

Supervisor: Fred J. Forbes Sr. (R) 936
Councilman: Dan Weddle (R) 941; Brian Young (R) 909

Supervisor: Gary Cornell (R) 126
Clerk/Collector: Margaret Courtney (R) 129
Highway Superintendent: George Courtney Jr. (R) 32
Justice: Bonnie Hand 412; Richard James Edsall (R) 120,
Councilman: Irene Russell (R) 124; Steven Phillips (R) 119

Supervisor: Charles S. Adams Jr. (R) 233
Clerk: Doris A. Adams (R) 235
Collector: Kathleen E. Fox (R) 249
Highway Superintendent: Randy W. Ensign (R) 243
Justice: Eddie Daugherty (R) 242
Councilman: Thomas D. Adams (R) 228;
Donald B. Hines (R) 232

Supervisor: Elizabeth Pitman (D) 216
Clerk/Collector: Jane Davenport (D) 137
Highway Superintendent: Jeffrey Griswold (R) 314; Thomas Smith (D) 84
Justice: Lynn Webb (D,R) 355
Councilman: Catherine Edinger (D) 214; Kathleen Haynes Randall (D) 108; Peter Knapp (R) 246; James Doring (R) 214

Supervisor: Stephen E. McMahon (R) 193
Clerk/Collector: Susan F. Hubbard (R) 164
Highway Superintendent: Gerald R. Hapgood (R) 171
Councilman: Gerald A. Contento Jr. (R) 209; Vernon B. Finks II (R) 193

Supervisor: Cindy Monroe (D,R) 199
Highway Superintendent: James Wildman (D,R) 146
Justice: Rick Monroe (R), 154
Councilman: Bobby Hotaling (R), 178; Gerry Craig (R), 166

Supervisor: David H. Fuller (R) 61
Clerk/Collector: Marie Peri (R) 66
Highway Superintendent: James Smith (R) 67
Justice: Rollan Elwood (R) 72
Councilman: Jeffrey Smith (R), 69; Lymott Jordan (R), 66

Supervisor: Gregory D. Lockwood (R) 186;
Walter D. Schmit (D) 154
Justice: James J. Denkenberger (R) 237;
Donald L. McCall (D) 105
Councilman: Stephanie A. Potter (R) 211;
Gus R. Wehbe (R); 177;
Molly McCall McDermott (D) 140;
Brigette A. Ullrich (D) 131

Supervisor: Craig Umbehauer (D) 344;
John Kaminski (R) 335
Clerk/Collector: Bonnie P. Hand (R,D) 412
Justice: R. Scott Elston (R), 356; Roy E. Lewis (D), 336
Councilman: Ronald H. Anderson (R), 405; Michael L. Vail (D); 339; Jeffrey Breed (R), 321; Eric J. Trinkle (D);255

Supervisor: Alvin Doty Jr. (D,R), 123
Clerk: Anna Wilcox (D,R) 131
Collector: Laura Fox (D,R) 134
Highway Superintendent: Eugene Turshman (D,R) 132
Justice: Benno Spiehs (D) 132
Councilman: Joanne Brown (R), 122; Charles Sudbrink (D),79; Gregory McGowan (R), 61

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